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Interior of Zara shop

Discover how Zara harnessing technology to transform the way we shop

With its new Store Mode function, the Zara app now makes finding, reserving and trying on pieces a breeze

If you’ve ever made a mad dash to Zara only to find the dress you spotted online isn’t in stock, you’ll know that feeling of soul-crushing disappointment. Thankfully, that’s all set to change with the arrival of Zara’s new Store Mode at Westfield Stratford City. The function, available via the Zara app, allows customers to browse items then check to see if they are in stock at the store. Shoppers can reserve the items for pick-up within 30 minutes, or book a fitting room in advance to try on their chosen items. What’s more, customers can use a clever ‘wayfinding’ function to help guide them to the product’s specific location, thus removing the stress of hunting for items and making the in-store experience quicker and more efficient. Shoppers can also use a unique QR code to have their purchase receipt sent directly to their phone, making those niggly paper receipts a thing of the past.

Download the Zara app and click on the Store Mode button.

Zara, First Floor

Interior of Zara shop Mannequins in Zara shop

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